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Our Mission

MOVE and GROOVE your body. Dance with FREEDOM and abandon. SWEAT it out! Leave the stress of daily life behind as you FOCUS ON THE MOMENT in class, moment by moment. DELIGHT in the wonders of your body! CELEBRATE that there is so much more to life than ‘adulting.’ There is ART, EXPRESSION, PASSION, CREATIVITY, CONNECTION and JOY. PLAY! EXPLORE yourself, LEARN about yourself, LOVE yourself and ACCEPT yourself exactly as you are.

Types of Classes

In Person

We’re currently not offering classes in person. We’ll see you IRL when this whole thing blows over. 


We are on maternity leave! We’ll be back for virtual classes in 2021. Sign up for our email list to find out about when they’re back!


Dance with us anytime, anywhere! Here’s our catalogue of online classes for you to explore.


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How to sign up:

1. Venmo $5-15 sliding scale per class you want to take to @valentina-martin. BY 4PM DAY OF THE CLASS AT THE LATEST. In the note, write which class you’re signing up for.
2. What does sliding scale mean? Pay what you can. At least $5. I know people are out of work so I made the classes super affordable, but some people are still working and want to pay the normal rate. The normal rate is $12 for a class pack or $15 to drop in. I’m really ok with anything in that range!
3. Email and I will send you the zoom link.
4. You can sign up for multiple classes, just multiply the amount you’re paying per class by the amount of classes you want to take.

Anyone can join! You do not need to be a San Diego resident to play. That is one of the cool things to come out of this very challenging time.

Let’s dance! We’ll start with a full body warm up, stretches and some short strength exercises to target the specific muscles used most in belly dancing. Then we’ll go over a different focus of movements each week using our hips, upper body, arms and hands. At the end of each we’ll put those specific movements together into a fun short combo set to music. This class should awaken every part of your body making you feel engaged, aware, opened and empowered!
You will need:
1. We will do some stretches and strength exercises on the floor, so if you prefer using a yoga mat, have one ready.
2. I like to belly dance barefoot.
3. Water.

The Sassy Vintage Showgirl! We will be tapping into our sexy selves in a safe space full of encouragement and fun. Explore yourself, learn about yourself, love yourself and accept yourself for all that you are, right now. We’ll bump ‘n grind, sass it out, pose and play. We’ll go over accessible jazz based movements and some of the classes will involve simple clothing removals – you’ll use what you already have at home! This class is inspired by vintage music and aesthetic.
You will need:
1. We will do stretches and strength exercises on the floor, so if you prefer using a yoga mat, have one ready.
2. You can do this class barefoot or in a pair of character shoes.
3. Water.
4. We might play with some props like gloves, simple removals of clothing that you already have around the house. I will let you know in advance if we plan to do that.

Hooping is a fun and creative way to work out and express yourself. An increasingly popular way to exercise, hooping is also a new form of dance and performance art. Tone your core, arms, legs and gluts while getting a cardio work out, learning a new skill, increasing your coordination and having FUN while you do it! Challenge yourself to continue learning the endless amount of tricks and dance moves the hoop has to offer. You need your own hoop at home to take this class! They can be purchased here:
You will need:
1. Your hoop
2. You can do this class barefoot or in a pair of sneakers.
3. Water.

This class is meant for anyone who has taken at least one fire fan class through Unity Hoops before and/or has been spinning fans for around 6 months minimum. We will build on basics to take them even further. An emphasis will be put on tech moves with some fun dancey and flowy moves thrown in too! We will work on short combos at the end of each class that incorporates what we worked on that day.
You will need:
1. Your fans (email me if you need recommendations).
2. You can do this class barefoot or in a pair of sneakers.
3. Water.


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