Int / Adv Hoop Dance

Int / Adv Hoop Dance

Sep/18/19 19:30 - Nov/06/19 20:30
Dorothea Laub Dance Place
Address: 2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106, USA

Int / Adv Hoop Dance (Level 1.5/2)
Wednesdays, 7:30 – 8:30pm
Sept 18 – Nov 6
ROOM 105

The Level 2 Fall series is a hula hoop course for all who have mastered most beginner tricks, but are yearning to add more movements and skill to their bag of hoop tricks. If you want to improve your coordination and grace with the hula hoop, this course is for you. We will learn choreography to bolster your skill level and challenge you to move in ways you may not be used to. While some classes will work on the foundational level 2 skills, other classes will include more tricky variations, dance choreography, a hoop yoga sequence, and ways to work out with the hoop. This course is everything you need to dance, exercise, and level up your hoop flow!

The instructor, Julie Pielmeier (@juliepie3), has taken workshops with professional hula hoopers such as Anah Reichenbach (Hoopalicious), Miss Michelle Bell, Anne Humphreys, Madeline Orange, Surka Noelle, Zachary Lambert, Jessica Packard, Evan Davis, and Brecken Rivara. Julie has been hula hooping for 8 years.

Sign up for all 8 weeks, from Sept 18 – Nov 6 for $96 (+ tax) here:

Or $15 (+ tax) drop-in, sign up here:

**Sign up for ANY TWO class SERIES for $160 total ($10 per class)** here:

Week 1: Tricks by Favorite Hoopers

Week 2: Mastering Trickier Tricks

Week 3: Elements of Dance and our Hoop

Week 4: Dance Choreography

Week 5: Vertical Hooping and Other On-Body Hooping

Week 6: Double Hooping

Week 7: Hooping Workout

Week 8: Yoga Hooping

*There must be 10 people per class signed up for these classes to run.
*There are no refunds unless the class is canceled by Unity Hoops.
*Hoops to practice with at home can be purchased at If you would like a hoop, orders can be placed the first night of class.

Int / Adv Hoop Dance
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