Int / Adv Hoop Dance

Int / Adv Hoop Dance

Jan/29/20 19:30 - Mar/18/20 20:30
Dorothea Laub Dance Place
Address: 2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106, USA

Int / Adv Hoop Dance (Level 1.5/2)
Wednesdays, 7:30 – 8:30pm
Jan 15 – March 4
ROOM 105

Week 1 –
Start with isolations, vertical plane, tracing movements, small combo incorporating a barrel roll and jump through (build on this combo weekly)

Week 2 – build on combo, add a chest roll, smear, toss, more iso variations (cat eye, two hand illusions)

Week 3 – folds, turns/spins, adding new planes, escalator variations

Week 4 – some double hoop moves (weaves, iso fun, more) practice leg hooping, ankle hooping

Week 5 – more leg hooping, hooping on one leg and moves to get leg back in or hoop back up your body

Week 6 – chest hooping, shoulder hooping including exploring the vertical plane

Week 7 – funky combo featuring a duck out, vortex, tosses, wedgies (build on routine adding new fun moves)

Week 8- finalize routine, get video, interactive flow jam/mini performances, cover questions, talk hoops!

Sign up for all 8 weeks, from Jan 15 – March 4 for $96 (+ tax) here:

Or $15 (+ tax) drop-in, sign up here:

**Sign up for ANY TWO class SERIES for $160 total ($10 per class)** here. If you want to use this deal to include LEVEL 2 BURLESQUE please email

*There must be 10 people per class signed up for these classes to run.
*There are no refunds unless the class is canceled by Unity Hoops.
*Hoops to practice with at home can be purchased at If you would like a hoop, orders can be placed the first night of class.

Int / Adv Hoop Dance
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