Int / Adv Hoop Dance

Int / Adv Hoop Dance

Jul/31/19 19:30 - Sep/18/19 20:30
Dorothea Laub Dance Place
Address: 2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106, USA

Int / Adv Hoop Dance w/ Julie!
Wednesdays, 7:30 – 8:30pm
July 10 – August 28
ROOM 105

This course aims to take level 2 skills and put a twist on them for that extra wow-factor. Each trick may have more than one way to perform it. In this case, we will go over several variations. That way, students can choose the one that works best for their skill level. As we learn new skills, we will incorporate those into combinations that can work well with choreography.

Sign up for all 8 weeks, from July 10 – August 28 for $96 (+ tax) here:

Or $15 (+ tax) drop-in, sign up here:

**Sign up for ANY TWO class SERIES for $160 total ($10 per class)** here:

Week 1: On body hooping, vertical hooping, and hooping on each section of body from ankles to chest

Week 2: Off body hooping, body rolls, coin flips, and more

Week 3: Duck outs, stalls, and other tricks

Week 4: One leg and knee hooping

Week 5: Isolations, anti-spins, and helicopters

Week 6: Wedgie and Escalator Hooping

Week 7: Foot Hooping on the floor, Inverted hooping

Week 8: Yoga Hooping

Students can expect to learn how to do more complicated tricks and combinations. You will come to better understand how to execute skill-sets quickly with your hula hoop. Each class will challenge you to learn new skills and incorporate them into your existing repertoire. This class will help you move fluidly with your hoop and string many moves together.

*There must be 10 people per class signed up for these classes to run.
*There are no refunds unless the class is canceled by Unity Hoops.
*Hoops to practice with at home can be purchased at If you would like a hoop, orders can be placed the first night of class.

Int / Adv Hoop Dance
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