Mixed Level Burlesque

Mixed Level Burlesque

Jul/23/19 19:30 - Sep/10/19 20:30
Dorothea Laub Dance Place
Address: 2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106, USA

Mixed Level Burlesque
Delicate Tease with Dinah Doll
Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm
July 9 – Aug 27
ROOM 105

A mix of creativity, innovation and a certain swag can create a magical act. This 8 week course will prompt dancers to explore their personal style and flair to push performance quality to the next level. You will learn to set intentions and work to develop your stage presence. We will progressively learn a choreographed routine set to a slow tempo with many slow-burn moments utilizing that certain savoir-faire to make an impact on your audience.

Sign up for one drop-in class, $15 +tax here:

Sign up for the whole series, $12 per class +tax ($96 +tax total) here:

Sign up for TWO class series for only $10 per class here ($160 +tax):

Week 1 –Movement
Finding your natural movements; spending time studying what feels good with your body

Week 2 – Intentional Movement
Developing natural movements into a style.

Week 3 – Setting Your Intentions
What do you want to emote? What reaction do you want?

Week 4 – Experimental Movement
Trying new movements that perhaps you haven’t considered before. (Come to class prepared to show/ discuss)

Week 5 – Transitions
How to get from one ‘natural’ movement to another, effortlessly.

Week 6 – Inspiration
What inspires your creativity? (Come to class prepared to show/ discuss)

Week 7 – Reflection
Shadow movement with classmates and reflect on your personal style.

Week 8 – Show Your Savoir-faire
Let your performance shine as we wrap up our session and perform for classmates.

The song we’ll be working with in this class:

There must be 10 people per class signed up for these classes to run. There are no refunds unless this class is canceled by Unity Hoops.

Mixed Level Burlesque
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