Workshops w/ Mike Hayataka!

Workshops w/ Mike Hayataka!

Jan/18/20 15:00 - 18:00
Dorothea Laub Dance Place
Address: 2650 Truxtun Rd, San Diego, CA 92106, USA

Mike is coming all the way from Michigan to teach us his amazing hooping ways! You DO NOT want to miss these workshops!!! He is a complete badass and a wonderful teacher 🙂

One workshop: $30
Two workshops: $50
Three Workshops: $75
Four Workshops: $100
Paypal the amount for the number of workshops you want to take, with a note as to which workshops you’re taking.

All workshops in Room 105

Saturday, Jan 18, 3pm – 4:30pm
Advanced Hoop Body Rolls – Advanced

**Please only attend if you can perform a chest / back roll with full contact from hand to hand with relative ease**
Chest rolls are Mike’s favorite hoop move, and this class will explore what possibilities lie beyond the basics. Starting with getting our chest roll as slow as possible, we will move into such moves as “chest roll to finger-tip / hand balance,” “turning rolls,” “forearm to body roll,” “chest roll neck wrap,” “chest roll to face balance,” and “body roll breaks,” to name a few. If you’ve ever wondered what’s possible now that you got your chest roll on lock down, this is the class for you.

Saturday, Jan 18, 4:30pm – 6pm
Hoop Balance Techniques – All Levels (and all prop users)

Mike has been obsessed with hoop balance for the last 3 years and this class is an opportunity to share all he’s learned. Designed to give beginners the basic exercises to practice, and to give experienced balancers new ideas, this balance class is great for all levels. Even if you don’t use hula hoops, hoop balance has no prerequisites so please join us. We will be learning techniques from the hand and finger-tip balances to the butterfly and face balance. If you seek calmness mixed with constant concentration in your practice, come balance some hoops with us!

Sunday, Jan 19, 12pm – 1:30pm
Continuous Folded Hooping – Beginner / All-Levels

Growing in popularity over the past years, “folding” forces hoopers to explore manipulating their hoop in the third dimension, rather than sticking to the standard wall and ceiling planes. We will learn the 4 essential folding moves – the basic folded circuit, carousel, folded vortex, and the escalator (all the ways, super detailed breakdown) – and with these, we will easily be able create our own infinite combos. Almost all the folded hooping moves feed straight into and out of each other within combos, they are very satisfying to learn.

Sunday, Jan 19, 1:30pm – 3pm
Contact Hooping – Intermediate

In Contact hooping we will be using the fundamentals of folded hooping, to learn how to fold our hoop without ever gripping it! Most hoopers have experienced some of the techniques in this class, but most likely it was an accident, catching a drop, for example. We will learn how these little accidents can inform a style of hooping that resembles contact staff manipulation. In addition we will be exploring the tutting grid while contact hooping, and stall points similar to staff stall points.

Workshops w/ Mike Hayataka!
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