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Which size and weight hoop is best for me?
The larger and heavier, the easier for a beginner! If you are new to hoop dance, you definitely want a Heavy (160psi, 1″ OD) hoop. You want the size to be 38″-42″, depending on your height. Usually you want the hoop to be about as tall as your belly button when its sitting on the ground. So a good way to fnd out your first hoop’s diameter is to measure from the ground to your belly button. I usually suggest a 40″ Heavy hoop for beginners of average height.

As you progress as a hooper you move down in size and weight. The Medium, Light and Super Light hoops are great for off-body hooping on your hands. As you get better, you can use these lighter hoops on your body as well but it takes time and practice.

Can I use the hula hoops from Target to learn Hoop Dance?
Those hoops are meant for kids, they are small and light. They move super fast! You want a hoop that is proportional to an adult’s body. Weighted hoops move slow so you can react to them at your speed. As you progress as a Hooper, you may want to use lighter hoops. Unity’s handmade hoops are sturdy, durable and sparkly! They are wrapped with special grip tape to help the hoop stay up. The tape sticks to your clothes and skin.

Can I come to class anytime or do I need to sign up in advance?
My classes accept drop ins! You can come to any class anytime. You do not need to register with me beforehand.

What do I wear to class?
Anything you would wear to a yoga or dance class. Strechy, cotton, comfotrable clothing work well! I like to dance barefoot but sneakers are good for hooping too.

Do I have to bring my own hoop to class?
No, I have hoops to borrow or for purchase in class.

What if I could never keep the Hoop up as a kid?
It’s changed! Hooping has revolutionized into a new form of exercise and dance. The handmade hoops available are sure to be a lot easier than the ones from Wam-O!

Will I get bruises from hooping?
Sometimes. Bruising on the hands, hips or knees can occur. The more you hoop the more your body will get used to it! Your body will toughen and the bruising will go away. You just gotta Hoop!

Do I need prior dance experience?
It helps, but is not a requirement. Anyone can learn to Hoop!

Can my child take your hoop class?
Yes, as long as you take the class with him/her. If the child is 12 years old or older, they may attend the class without you.

I’m male, I can’t be a Hooper.
Not true! Men, women, young and old are all young at heart! I have had 65 year old men and 73 year old women in my classes! And they did great! ANYONE can hoop!