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The Hoop Unit

Nominated as the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Performance Group of the Year by Hooping.org!

The Hoop Unit, started by Valentina in 2009, strives to create unique group performance pieces consisting of hoop dance choreography and a fusion of interesting dance or circus skills. It is meant to be a mentoring and growing experience for it's members by providing real performance experience. We try to constantly push the boundaries of performance art by telling stories, presenting themes and concepts or simply entertaining audiences with outside-the-box dance fusion.


  • To grow the San Diego Hoop Community through skill share (both technical tricks and performance skills)
  • To grow the San Diego Hoop Community by exposing hooping to a larger audience through shows, and giving hoopers in San Diego something to work towards in their personal hoop journey
  • To create unique, original, thought-provoking performance pieces incorporating fusion of dance styles and circus skills
  • To create large-scale hoop dance performance pieces that can only be done with a group
  • To give the members a mentoring experience in performance
  • To create a social experience and a supportive, sisterhood of hoopers
  • To create new, badass performers in San Diego